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Science for Impact

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We do applied research to find the best restoration and management practices that benefit farmers and birds. By sharing our findings with other conservation scientists, we make our science stronger and contribute to a growing body of knowledge that is improving conservation throughout the world.

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Lower Klamath Dowitcher Study

In September, Audubon California partner, Point Blue Conservation Science, led a research initiative in the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge as part of the Migratory Bird Conservation Partnership’s work. The objective was to deploy 30 miniature Argos satellite tags on Long-billed Dowitchers. This effort contributes to ongoing research aiming to enhance our understanding of how drought impacts the movement and physiology of migratory shorebirds—complementing the broader conservation work in California’s Central Valley. 

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Our Story Map

The Partnership developed a rich, interactive online Story Map titled The Great Central Valley is Key to 30 by 30 success. It makes the case for how the Central Valley will play a key role conserving biodiversity and promoting climate resilience in California, in alignment with 30 by 30 initiatives in California, the United States, and around the world.

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